• Enlistment Requirements

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  •     Enlistment Requirements

        Please read before proceeding! Before applying with Task Force 10, please read over the following enlistment requirements. If you do not meet the current requirements, please contact a recruiter and we would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. You Must meet the following requirements to be considered for enlistment. Failure to meet the basic requirements will result in your application being dropped. Thank you for the understanding and good luck!

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        Rules of Enlistment

    1.          Minimum age of 16 years, however, waivers are available for younger applicants.     
    3.          Mature demeanor & positive attitude     
    5.          Fluent verbal and written communication in English     
    7.          Not a member of any other realism/milsim/unit/cal that is engaged in games Task Force 10 supports     
    9.          Ability to attend unit events that occur throughout the week